3% aqueous film-forming foam fire extinguishing agent
3% aqueous film-forming foam fire extinguishing agent

3% aqueous film-forming foam fire extinguishing agent

  • category:High-performance foam fire extinguishing agent
  • Release date:2020-08-13
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Product features:

3% water film-forming foam extinguishing agent is a high-efficiency eco-friendly extinguisher. It consists of hydrocarbon surfactant and eco - friendly fluoride surfactant with high performance. It forms a film of water and foam on the surface of some certain kinds of hydrocarbons.Under the dual effects of foam and water film it extinguishes fire rapidly .

Range of application:

This product can extinguish fire of Class A ,B. It can be mixed with freshwater or seawater at ratio of 3:97 to form foam.With fire fighting level of IA ,It is suitable for many kinds of low multiple foam generator or low multiple foam fire extinguishing systems.The product can be used in conjunction with dry powder, and it can also be used to save large oil tank fires by "liquid injection".It is widely for the prevention and res c u e o f f i r e s i n i n d u s t r i a l a n d m i n i n g e n t e r p r i s e s , f i r e e n g i n e s , a i r p o r t s , g a s s t a t i o n s , o i l t a n k e r s , o i l f i e l d s , o i l

refineries, and oil depots.


The product is of stability ,nontoxic, non-corrosiveness.It is a Membrane-type foam extinguishing agent without PFOA and PFOS.

Storage requirement:

The product shall be stored at a cool and dry warehouse ,prevented from direct sunlight with room temperature between -15℃~45℃. The packaging is of anti-explosion ,anti-collision, vacuum- sealed





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