Class A compressed air foam fire extinguishing agent
Class A compressed air foam fire extinguishing agent

Class A compressed air foam fire extinguishing agent

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  • Release date:2020-08-13
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Product features:

Kind A foam extinguishing agent is a new high-efficiency air-compressed extinguishing agent . Its main advantages are the fast speed of fire control, high water-use efficiency in the fire field, excellent effects of thermal insulation , radiation prevention,preventing reactivation, which can greatly reduce the loss of water at the fire site.

Range of application:

The kind A foam extinguishing agent is not only suitable for air-compressed foam extinguishing system but low multiply foam extinguishing agent in which the loss rate water is similar with other extinguishing system.Therefore, in the absence of other special requirements, the product should be assembled in the air-compressed foam extinguishing system, in order to play the above advantages and obtain both economical and efficient effects


The product is of stability ,nontoxic, non-corrosiveness.It is a Membrane-type foam extinguishing agent without PFOA and PFOS.

Storage requirement:

The product shall be stored at a cool and dry warehouse ,prevented from direct sunlight with room temperature between -15℃~45℃. The packaging is of anti-explosion ,anti-collision, vacuum- sealed





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