Water-based fire extinguishing agent S-2.25-A (GF800)
Water-based fire extinguishing agent S-2.25-A (GF800)

Water-based fire extinguishing agent S-2.25-A (GF800)

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  • Release date:2020-08-13
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Product performance: 

GF-800 is a high-efficiency concentrated fire extinguishing agent that combines cutting-edge environmental protection technology materials and has super fire-extinguishing and flame-proof capabilities. It is specially used to extinguish solid Class A fires. The mixing ratio of water is 1:43.

Application areas:

GF-800 is currently a new type of agent suitable for extinguishing Class A fires after high-rise building fires in the world. It can be applied to all urban main battle fire trucks, ladder trucks, high spray trucks, foam trucks, etc. with mixed proportions System of fire extinguishing equipment. Compared with the traditional compressed air foam liquid and other multifunctional agents, it has more flexible and convenient applicability, crazier fire-fighting efficiency and ultra-low fine foam. It is especially suitable for densely populated places and some higher economic value Class A fire place.

Environmental protection: 

GF-800 is easy to clean and evaporate after fire extinguishing, does not contain any toxic and corrosive raw materials, and is completely free of fluoride, and has passed the global strict SGS 191 toxic and hazardous substance zero detection test report.

Storage requirements:

The product should be stored in a cool, dry warehouse to prevent exposure to the sun. The storage environment temperature is -5℃~45℃. Our company can prepare cold-resistant and seawater-resistant products for you.





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