The experiment tells you how to distinguish counterfeit and shoddy fire products!


Recent years

Many counterfeiters have extended their "black hands" to fire products

When a fire occurs

Fire products often play a huge role

It is an umbrella for people's life and property safety

If you encounter fake and shoddy fire protection products

May cause unimaginable consequences

the following

Through our professional experiment introduction

Identification methods of several common fire products

How to identify genuine and fake fire extinguishers?

Through the experiment video, we can see that the counterfeit fire extinguisher products will crack from the weld of the tank under the hydraulic test, and will not deform or bulge; while the quality fire extinguisher will crack in other parts. When opened, the body of the bottle will deform to varying degrees. Have you mastered it?

How do consumers identify genuine and fake fire extinguishers?

Professional appraisal experiments are too far away for consumers, but we can still use some methods to identify the authenticity of fire extinguishers for sale! Look down!

How do consumers identify genuine and fake fire extinguisher boxes?

There will be fire extinguisher boxes in crowded places and units. Yes, fire extinguisher boxes have fake and shoddy products! In fact, the proportion of fake and inferior fire extinguisher boxes is still very high, and at critical moments, inferior fire extinguisher boxes may also affect the initial fire fighting!

There are other fire products to distinguish the authenticity, let's learn together!


The "true colors" of fire protection products can be inquired online

If you find fake and inferior fire protection products, you can call the "12315" or "96119" reporting hotline for complaints. In addition, if you find that there are hidden fire safety hazards around you, you can also call "96119" to report complaints.

Check product qualifications online before buying. Buyers can log on to the "China Fire Products Information Network" (URL: to check whether the purchased fire products belong to the products registered on the website. At the same time, consumers should confirm the product-related certificates when purchasing and using fire-fighting products, and they can also ask the dealer to provide the manufacturer’s supply certificate for detailed verification.


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