Fire products are a "protective line" to protect the safety of life and property. With the continuous improvement of the fire safety awareness of the whole society, more and more people are beginning to realize the importance of the quality of fire products. On the occasion of the "3·15" International Consumer Rights Day, we will teach you to distinguish the authenticity of fire protection products, purify the market environment of fire protection products, and better protect your rights.


View market access for fire protection products

The fire products produced by regular manufacturers must have "one book, one report", that is, the "China Compulsory Product Certification Certificate" issued by the Fire Product Conformity Assessment Center and

The "Type Inspection Report" issued by the Fire Inspection Center is indispensable for both. When you purchase and use fire-fighting products, you must confirm these certificates, and check whether the appearance, logo, specifications, structural parts, materials, performance parameters, name of the manufacturer, site and site, and physical products of the fire-fighting products are consistent with their descriptions.

If you want to check whether the fire-fighting products you have purchased are qualified products, you can log on to the "China Fire Products Information Network" ( to check whether the fire-fighting products you purchased belong to the record on the website Products that have been filed are generally qualified products. The query method is as follows:

↓↓↓Inspection method↓↓↓

(1) Query of product inspection reports. Enter the inspection report number into the following location of China Fire Products Information Network to query.

Query result↓↓↓


(2) Inquiry about the product 3C compulsory accreditation certificate. Enter the certificate number into the following location of China Fire Products Information Network.

Query result↓↓↓


(3) Query of product ID number. Enter the product ID number into the following location of China Fire Products Information Network.

Query result↓↓↓

Note: Fire-fighting products usually have two identification information signs of fire-fighting products, one of which is red and black coated, and the other is black and white paper. These two are the "ID cards" of fire-fighting products. The one is the original of the "ID card", and the black and white paper is the copy. Only the plastic film on the surface of the “ID card” can be torn off, but the “ID card” attached to the fire-fighting product itself is difficult to remove. Even if it is removed, the surface coating will be damaged and cannot be transferred to other Fire products.

The third-generation identity information signs of fire protection products launched in 2016 all have QR codes. When purchasing fire protection products, you only need to scan the QR code on this sign with your mobile phone, and you can immediately display the name and production of the fire protection product. Manufacturers, production time, product flow, etc., whether the product is true or false, basically can be known at a glance.


On-site inspection judgment method


Fire extinguisher

(1) Pay attention to the logo. The trademark on the body of the fire extinguisher should be correct, without lack of edges or words, without obvious wrinkles, bubbles, etc., the type of fire extinguishing agent, driving gas, filling pressure, total mass, fire extinguishing level, operation method, precautions, manufacturer The name and production date are complete, and there must be a warning text description of "Once the fire extinguisher is turned on, it cannot be reused or refilled." If the content is incomplete, it is generally unqualified.

(2) Pay attention to the barrel. The surface coating of the fire extinguisher barrel should be uniform in color, free of cracks, bubbles, no obvious scratches, bumps, knocks, corrosion, leakage and other defects, otherwise it is a substandard product. The bottom ring or neck ring of a qualified fire extinguisher should have the water pressure test pressure value of the fire extinguisher and the steel stamp of the year of manufacture. The number on the fire extinguisher bottle must be consistent with the number on the inspection certificate issued by the inspection department provided by the fire extinguisher seller.

(3) Pay attention to pressure. The fire extinguisher pressure gauge is divided into three areas: red, yellow, and green. If the pressure indicator does not reach the green area, it is a substandard product. The type of pressure indicator should be consistent with that of the fire extinguisher (there should be letters on the dial: "F" for dry powder fire extinguishing agent; "S" for water and foam fire extinguishing agent; "J" for clean gas fire extinguishing agent). Fire extinguishers larger than 3kg should be equipped with a spray hose, and the length of the spray hose should not be less than 400mm; the fire extinguisher should be equipped with a safety pin, and the lead seal (plastic tape, wire seal) of the safety pin should be intact, otherwise it is a substandard product.


Fire emergency lighting and evacuation signs

(1) Check the appearance logo. Qualified fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication signs must have fire product ID card identification, charging signal light, experimental switch button, certificate, factory date, manufacturer name and related technical parameters. The above content for unqualified products may be vague or incomplete. The battery used in the lamp should be clearly marked with the type, voltage, capacity, etc., and should be consistent with the product's inspection report. If there is no such content or does not conform to the inspection report, it is a substandard fire protection product.

(2) Conduct power-off test. Fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicator lights shall be able to be put into emergency state immediately within 5 seconds after the main power supply is cut off, and shall automatically return to the main power working state after the main power supply is restored.

(3) Verify the discharge time. The emergency working time should be consistent with the product qualification certificate, and you can verify it through the discharge test. At the same time, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicator lights should have discharge protection, and the battery discharge end voltage should not be less than 80% of the rated voltage.

(1) Fire hydrant box. The front of the fire hydrant box door should be marked with the words "fire hydrant" in an upright, eye-catching, and even words, and a door lock or door closing device should be provided. The bolt box with the door lock should be equipped with a manual mechanism for emergency opening of the door, except for those who install glass on the door and the transparent material that can be broken, to ensure that the opening is flexible and reliable without a key. The opening angle of the door is It should not be less than 160°.

(2) Fire hydrant plug body. Pay attention to whether the hydrant body is marked with the model, specification and trademark. The inner surface of the plug should be coated with anti-corrosion paint without serious corrosion, otherwise it will be judged as unqualified. The type of the fixed interface should be KN type (internal thread fixed interface), and the rim of the handwheel should be clearly cast with arrows and words indicating the direction of the switch. The valve stem should be raised and lowered smoothly and flexibly, and there should be no jamming or looseness. Iron-absorbing stone materials can also be used to determine whether the stem material is copper. The interface surface should have signs such as model, specification, trademark or factory name. The surface of the interface should be treated with anodizing or electrostatic spraying.

(3) Fire hose reel. The surface of the reel should be treated with corrosion resistance, the paint layer should be uniform, the rotating part of the reel should be able to swing horizontally outside the fixed axis of the rotating arm, the swing angle should not be less than 90°, and the opening and closing direction of the reel inlet valve There should be obvious signs, and the inlet valve is closed clockwise. The outer surface of the hose should be free from damage or scratches, and the length should not be less than the nominal length of the hose by more than 1m.

(4) Fire hose. Each fire hose should use a colored thread as the center line of the body, and the product name, design working pressure, specifications, warp, weft and lining material should be printed on both sides of the center line near the end with non-shedding ink. The fabric layer of the qualified hose should be woven evenly, without double warp jumping, double warp broken, weft jumping and scratches. Measure the total length of the entire roll of hose with a tape measure. If the measured length is less than the hose length specification by more than 1m, the product is judged to be unqualified.

(5) Fire water gun. The surface material of the fire water gun body shall be made of corrosion-resistant materials or treated with corrosion protection. The surface of castings should be free of scars, cracks and holes, and the surface of aluminum parts should be anodized. In the anti-drop performance test, the water gun falls freely on the hard concrete floor from a height of about 2m above the ground (counting from the low point of the water gun) with the nozzle facing up, the nozzle facing down and the axis of the water gun in a horizontal state. on. After the water gun is dropped twice in each position, check it and it should still be able to operate normally.


fire-proof door

The appearance and material of fire doors are not very different from ordinary doors. It is difficult for the masses to identify when buying and they are easily deceived by illegal traders.

(1) Check the appearance. The high-quality steel fire door is welded firmly, and the welding points are evenly distributed; the outer surface is sprayed smoothly. The qualified wooden fire door should have a complete appearance, no damage, clean surface, no gouging marks, burrs and hammer marks; cut corners and seams should be tight and flat; product nameplate marks, quality inspection marks and marks should be displayed at the specified positions. Quality certification (recognition) conformity mark.

(2) To the numbers. The external dimensions of qualified products should be less than or equal to the external dimensions in the type inspection report. The thickness of the door leaf, the width of the side wall of the door frame, the thickness of the fireproof glass, and the transparent size of the glass should be the same as the parameters in the type inspection report.

(3) Look at the seal. Qualified steel and wooden fire doors should be equipped with fire-proof sealing strips, which should be straight, without arching, and a qualified inspection report issued by a graded inspection agency.

(4) Estimate the weight. Special-grade fire doors of qualified quality are generally heavier, and those light fire doors must be products of inferior quality. The types of door leaf and door frame structure and filling materials and corresponding parameters shall be consistent with the content in the type inspection report.


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