Wenling tanker explosion, large-scale search and rescue basically ended


At 16:40 on June 13, a tanker explosion occurred on the expressway near Liangshan Village, Daxi Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, causing some surrounding houses and factories to collapse. So far, the accident has caused 20 deaths and 172 injuries.

After the accident, the Taizhou Fire Rescue Detachment immediately mobilized a total of 34 fire trucks and 138 commanders from 9 fire stations and 8 full-time teams to the scene. The Zhejiang Provincial Fire and Rescue Corps quickly launched a cross-regional reinforcement plan in the province. It assembled 7 heavy earthquake search and rescue teams, 3 light earthquake search and rescue teams, 4 fire fighting and rescue formations, 100 fire trucks, 547 finger fighters and 6 search and rescue dogs. Participate in on-site rescue.


time is life! At 16:51, the full-time fire brigade of Daxi Town, Wenling City first arrived.

"Quick, there are people here!" At 17:20, fire rescue personnel took the lead in searching and rescuing 4 people on the high-speed exit ramp and inside the collapsed factory building. Among them, one person was on the roadside where the tanker exploded and was seriously injured. Fire rescue personnel quickly escorted the injured to an ambulance. A trapped person on the first floor of the steel structure of the wind turbine factory was also quickly rescued. Another two men buried in the ruins of the A and B wind turbine factory had very weak vital signs when they were found. Rescuers dug and cleaned up rubble with bare hands and rescued the two trapped persons.

At 18:10, the reinforcements of the Luqiao Fire Rescue Brigade arrived; at 18:20, the Huangyan Fire Rescue Brigade arrived. With the arrival of reinforcements, more and more trapped persons were discovered.

In the accident, many houses on the side of the road were seriously damaged. One of the houses almost completely collapsed and many people were trapped. Before the large machinery arrived at the scene, 12 commanders and fighters from the Road and Bridge Fire Rescue Brigade set up ladders and operated drones to search for trapped persons. A row of private houses near the exit of the Wenling West ramp was directly impacted by the explosion. It was almost in ruins. The scene was filled with smoke and many fires.


It was discovered that there were two trapped persons on the third floor of this residential building. Zhang Bin, the instructor of the Road and Bridge brigade, immediately sent a brigade of ladder fire trucks to rush for reinforcements, and assigned the squadron commander to lead three firefighters to conduct preliminary investigations around the ruins of the residential building. Firemen Wang Congbing and Liu Haitao tried to climb the stairs inside the house, but the stairs could not reach the third floor due to the structural damage of the house.

Because the hollow roof slab completely broke and collapsed to form a steep slope, it was not only difficult for people to set up a fulcrum to carry out rescue operations, but also a secondary collapse might occur at any time.

The commander mobilized the excavator and quickly negotiated and determined the rescue plan. Wang Congbing and Liu Haitao carried shovels, crowbars, insulating shears and other tools to the third floor in a bucket, using safety ropes for personal protection, and walking onto the third floor platform. Clean up the debris on the outside of the trapped personnel with bare hands. They found that the two trapped persons were buried in the chest by a beam.

Later, the ladder truck arrived to assist in the rescue. After the rescuers have cleaned up the small debris, they use excavators and ropes to lift the beams that hold down the trapped people for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes... until 22:50 and 23:05. On the third floor of this three-story residential building, two trapped persons were safely transferred to the ground using a ladder truck.

At 2:30 on June 14, fire commanders searched and rescued one trapped person on the first floor of a residential building; at 2:33, another person was searched and rescued from the factory building; at 2:55, one person was searched and rescued from the collapsed factory building . By 8:30 on June 14, the on-site fire rescue force searched and rescued 23 trapped people.


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