The dangers of fake and inferior fire protection products!


At present, some criminals on the market manufacture and sell counterfeit fire-fighting products. Not only do these products fail to function as a normal fire extinguisher, they may also cause unnecessary accidents.1587114978127304.gif

Firefighters' introduction: The destroyed fake and inferior fire fighting equipment all have quality problems. For example, fire extinguishers cut corners, the state stipulates that 50% of the fire retardant should be filled, but the fake fire extinguishers are less than 10%, and the rest use talc

Powder instead, once used, the fire extinguisher will not function at all, but will add fuel to the fire. Insufficient brightness or insufficient duration of emergency lights and evacuation signs may cause people to be trapped in the fire.

The counterfeit and inferior fire-fighting equipment destroyed in this centralized destruction mainly include the counterfeit and inferior fire-fighting equipment that does not conform to the market access certificate, the product appearance, logo, material and performance are shoddy, fake and inferior, and the market access certificate is forged.

Fake fire extinguishers not only can't extinguish fires, but also help combustion

Simulation experiment, seeing is believing

Many people are wondering how can a fire extinguisher that can save lives at a critical moment explode?

Don't be careless, an expired fire extinguisher is really a time bomb. Let's experiment together.

Experiment one drop test

We tie an expired fire extinguisher with a rope, pull the rope from a safe distance, let the fire extinguisher fall to the ground, and see what happens.

Experimental results

explosion! !

Experiment 2 Impact experiment

We fix an expired fire extinguisher on an iron frame and hit it with a heavy object. What will happen?



Experimental results

explosion! !

Over-aged fire extinguishers should be scrap products. Not only do they fail due to insufficient pressure, their cylinders will also become thinner if they are corroded. Chemical reagents such as carbon dioxide, flame retardant dry powder, foaming agents, etc. in the fire extinguisher are likely to produce various chemicals after exposure to sunlight. Reaction, a slight bump may cause an explosion.

What to do with fire extinguishers that have been scrapped

If the fire extinguisher has clearly stipulated the expiration date, it must be scrapped when the expiration date is reached.

1. Portable:

Portable chemical foam fire extinguisher — 5 years;

Portable acid-base fire extinguisher — 5 years;

Portable clean water fire extinguisher-6 years;

Portable dry powder fire extinguisher (cylinder type) — 8 years;

Portable storage pressure dry powder fire extinguisher-10 years;

Portable carbon dioxide fire extinguisher-12 years;

Two, cart type

Cart-type chemical foam fire extinguisher-8 years;

Cart-type dry powder fire extinguisher (cylinder type) — 10 years;

Cart storage pressure dry powder fire extinguisher——-12 years;

Cart-type carbon dioxide fire extinguisher - 12 years.

Discarded fire extinguishers should be recycled to the manufacturer or a regular fire protection product inspection and maintenance center for centralized disposal. Discarded fire extinguishers should be treated with pressure relief, perforation, and complete removal of steel cylinders.

If the disposal method is improper, it is easy to cause an explosion. Do not dispose of it without authorization.

Huanya Fire reminds the general public: fire-fighting equipment is necessary for extinguishing and self-rescue at the initial stage of a fire. When purchasing fire-fighting products, you must not be cheap, look for the fire-fighting compulsory certification and certificate, and don't be cheap. Purchase through formal channels, leading to small losses.


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